Leadership Foundation

Success Stories

Sai Manoj Vysyaraju

Sai Manoj pursed his B.Tech in ECE. He worked as Student President in SAC under Leadership Foundation. Now, he is presently working in Capgemini as Associate Software Engineer.

“See a need, fill that need.” Magical words are those, great inspiration. A new leaf is born when the tree gets ample full of water. Leadership has played its role of ‘water’, and my seniors are the ‘tree’. Like-wise there are many new leaves around me, whose age equals mine. Some have ripened and some are on the way. When I was a beginner, my path to what I am now was unclear and confusing. I don’t know where to begin. I was requiring a platform to prove me. I even don’t know in what I have to prove. Then came the platform into light: “LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION”. I started with Prevesha in my first year. This helped me to sort my good friends and friends. I began to like it more as it gave me the practical approach to what I was studying back then. I had done many projects alongside of my seniors (Tutors) in my first year. This made me strong in my academics to learn anything practically. Next stage of my path is to transform knowledge to others. We began workshop on robotics and incubations. This helped me to improve my communication. We lost our fear to stand on stage first and lost our fear to speak next. The next stage where I am thankful to this platform is, it has exposed our skills to outer world by letting us to participate in various competitions in IIT’s, NIT’s and renowned Universities. We lost our fear of exposure here. At the end of the day what we have learnt here is to dream big, to think big, to plan big and to achieve big and to live big.

Jyothi Kiran Ponnada

Jyothi Kiran had graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering. He acted as Student Chairman in Leadership Foundation during his B.Tech.

Leadership team stands as an example that can prove a journey to success. It is working with different platforms and trying to show the different dimensions for the technocrats. While talking about my self-experience rather I should start my journey from being the part of a member in the Robotics club at its Inception stage as a club. I learnt some basic concepts and understood the behavioural pattern and its theoretical contribution to ones intellect. I fondled it. When I elected as a chairman to the community I realized the background story and the hard work of my seniors and their thrust and urge to make us understand, relish our hidden technical skills and imbibe the methodologies of understanding technical prospectus. After taking the position as a chairman according to the designed points table and people’s choice I took an oath of improving the enhanced skills in an individual. This taught me a lesson of making Interdisciplinary projects and way of implementations to curb the student interest in developing a project model for their career. This made me to nullify the hardness level in my Technical projects. I developed my thesis to learn about the student integrity and his growth in the society accord to a linear development of progressive structure. Thus, Leadership encouraged me to study wilfully and not by forcefully and made me to enjoy the study and now I find the beauty of reading. This inspiration made me to choose my direction towards becoming a Civil Service Officer and extend my helping hand to my beloved teacher and my parents who always think to help society.

Manoj Prabhakar Nakkina

Manoj Prabhakar had graduated in Mechanical Engineering He acted as Student Chairman in Leadership Foundation during his B.Tech. Presently working in Tech Mahindra as Associate Software Engineer.

One of the most desired platforms, which enables every student to showcase his/her talent. It's not only filled with fun, excitement and enthusiasm but also the amalgamation of various kinds of self-motivating activities, which act as the backbone to excel in one's career. It is often believed that in order to see our country as a developed country, each and every citizen should be an all-rounder. That is the most thought provoking statement I have come across. LEADERSHIP plays a major role in enhancing the skills that are ought to be possessed by every student in order to be an all-rounder in life, and also it played a major role in my life to get placed in MNCs such as TechM. I'm very obliged to the Leadership eternally which supported me in making this happen.

Mohan Krishna Padda

Mohan Krishna had graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. He acted as Head of Webapps Club in Leadership Foundation during his B.Tech. Presently he Is working as Web Development Team Lead at Misport Pvt .Ltd, Gurgaon.

Leadership-It’s my spark. This was the first leadership tag line which is very apt for my experience & journey of Leadership.5 years of my leadership journey fully filled with fruitful pursuits of humorous fun learning & challenging activities which made a holistic development in my personality. Leadership is a mixture of a fun, knowledge, skills, optimization, motivation, responsibility and perseverance which makes a LEADER. Yes, I am a leader and I am a successful product of Leadership and it’s MY SPARK.

Kalyan Kaddala

Kalyan Kaddala had graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. He acted as Head of Media Club in Leadership Foundation during his B.Tech. Now presently working as Assistant Director in Tollywood.

My main intention of pursuing B.Tech is not only to get knowledge regarding my respective stream i had chosen but also to develop different skills where I’m interested of .I’m very passionate about FILM MAKING from my childhood but struggled a lot to implement my thoughts and ideas in an efficient way. At last Leadership foundation had shown me a way to implement my thoughts and ideas regarding FILM MAKING.I got an excellent support from this foundation and I’m very glad to say that I’m the founder of MEDIA CLUB. I have done many projects and got appreciation from eminent personalities. The main intention of this club is to fulfil the dreams of the students who are really passionate in the field of film making. I was succeeded in getting good response from different students not only from my college but also from different colleges in our state. I thank Leadership foundation for giving lot of encouragement and support in fulfilling my dream stream ambition.

Bhagya Kumari Killi

Bhagya Kumari had graduated in COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. She was the member of Women Empowerment. Presently she is working as business analyst in Info stretch.

Leadership is a quality that innate in everyone but the fact is that the ability to have an impact on others with the same will make us to grow as a Leader. It is not just organizing events, making decisions and delegating tasks there is much beyond the known things. The goal of different programs is to support individuals to discover their true talents, passions and ambitions to turn those into concrete results. It means ensuring the vibrancy of the student body and stimulating the growth of incoming leaders. I have personally been very fortunate to have had many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and be provided with opportunities to exhibit as well. This has given me tremendous exposure to new opportunities and accelerated my growth as a leader. In my opinion, everyone strives for acknowledgement and acceptance, and when you get it, the worst problem suddenly seems surmountable. And today these integrated experiences made me to act as a good team player in the Company. Finally I would like to give a word “You can't lead anyone if you can't lead yourself first.” Listen to your passion and pay attention to it.

Harish Gudla

Harish had graduated in Electronics & Communication Engineering. He acted as Head of Events Club in Leadership Foundation during his B.Tech. Presently working as software engineer in Tollplus.

I was a person who always want to be a unique and waiting for opportunity. Leadership came into my life as Golden Egg. In the 3 years of its journey, every moment thought many things. Firstly team management, interacting with different mindset people and working with them to get a proper result. I am kind of reserve people before time but now I’m able to speak in front of huge crowd and able to motivate and engage them. In my journey to the no destination I learned how to take decisions, handle a situation and how to make others to work. Every moment in Leadership gave me most useful experience how to live in this society and fight the situations and grow to the hike.