Leadership Foundation

About Inschools

A school is a place where children should feel enthusiastic to learn new things. For our goodness, we are luckier to have many Educational Institutes with very good management and teaching facilities. In the same way on the other side of the educational coin we have the schools with no such facilities or teaching style and making students more stressed by asking them to run for ranks. It is the best place where a child will keep forward the first step to build a beautiful career. A child starts dreaming about the beautiful life from school level.

To aid their thoughts Leadership Foundation team had join our hands to provide support and a platform in which school pupils pave their path towards best career through an initiative “Leadership InSchools”. We had taken a forward step to encourage all the students in all domains of their interest. Our aim is to make an individual to find the interest of them and to make it as a passion and find a way to make it their life. In our program we make the student to know about their own interest and to sharp them in that domain.

Our InSchools program has categorized into different clubs based on the curriculum of schools where children’s are allowed to work on there interested domain.

Student can select any of the club of their interest.Students from 6 th to 10 th are being the part of this program.