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About Smart Village Revolution

The “Smart Village Revolution” concept could address these challenges comprehensively. It can address resource deficits in each of these sectors, with adequate focus on the special needs of every village in India. The main study with this concept Smart Village Revolution is that villages have historically suffered social disabilities, educational and economic deprivation. Every time our team had a thought that how our knowledge and the studies we learnt will be useful to the society. At a point of time we got an idea to solve the above situations that were being faced in the village. As we can’t do in every village we selected one village in order to apply skills and knowledge that students acquired in their study time. Later on, this has become our primary motto by involving some basic number of people from each branch of education in the college to reach the requirements/ needs in the village.


Our vision is to develop a model village with adequate physical and institutional infrastructure, in which minimum needs of all sections of society are met and to create an environment which is having progressive and dynamic features. Simply, the village should have dignified living, where all are using their full potential and with basic needs like basic infrastructure, sanitation & environment, social infrastructure, human development & harmony and pleasant livelihood.


Our mission is to involve the upcoming graduates in this program in order to implement the technologies that they had learnt in the real time environment by designing projects to solve the problems in village.